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May 5, 2021
19th Century Jean Cruveilhier

Jean Cruveilhier (1791-1874)

Traite d'anatomie descriptive, 3eme edition, 5vols. Paris, Labe, 1851

Jean Cruveilhier
Portrait of Jean Cruveilhier
Portrait of Jean Cruveilhier

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Jean Cruveilhier was a brilliant French surgeon and anatomist. He became the first Chair of anatomical pathology in Paris and was a highly respected anatomist during the mid 19th century. He made significant contributions to the field of anatomy and pathology.

Cruveilhier' most important work was published under the title, "Anatomie pathologique du corps humain",  between 1829 and 1842. This monumental book contained more than 200 copper plates illustrated by Antoine chazal. He showed illustrations of myocardial infarction, aneurysm and rupture in the section on cardiac pathology in this work.

His other authoritative book "Traite d'anatomie descriptive"  was published in 1834 and underwent multiple editions. The third edition published in 1851was revised by Cruveilhier himself and is considered the best and the most complete edition of this work. The Chapter on the anatomy of cardiac valves ("Conformation interieure du coeur") is reproduced here.

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