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May 5, 2021
X-Ray Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845-1923)

Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen. S. B. phys.-med. Ges. Wurzburg, 1895, 132-41

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
Portrait of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
Portrait of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

Wilhelm Rontgen was a German physicist who discovered X-rays on Nov 8, 1895.  He performed the first X-ray in human which was his wife's hand on December 22, 1895. Six days later, he reported his findings on the properties of X-rays to the Wurzburg Physical and Medical Society. His original paper was entitled, "Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen" (On a new kind of rays).

This astonishing news spreaded very quickly across the world and a few months later the medical applications of this new diagnostic modality began. Wilhelm Rontgen was awarded the first  Nobel prize in physics in 1901.

A few weeks after the introduction of the X-ray, the technique of fluoroscopy became available.

Francis Henry Williams, from Boston, was the first to report on the value of fluoroscopy in the examination of the heart.







Francis Henry Williams